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Critically Ashamed
Artist: FM Static
Label:  Tooth & Nail Records
Length:  12 Tracks/38.10 Minutes
When I was young I used to turn up the bass and
Rock out to Billie Jean and Thriller in my basement
When Michael Jackson was a pop sensation
Every second song on the radio
Remember Axle telling us to have patience
And records sold without any affiliation
When William Hung and music still had no relation
Someone tell Janet bring back the rhythm nation.

Can ya tell me what happened to Michael Jackson?
And MTV trading music for acting?
Avril Lavignes on the cover of Maxim
Woah oh oh oh

And theres a million other people with a lot on their mind
But for me I’m not the type to let a good thing die
If we could bring the Beatles back to rock it one more time
We could turn this mess around, one beat at a time

Critically Ashamed is a flat-out blast; a well produced 38 minute ride of power-pop/rocking/punk-rock musical buffet that is full of memorable hooks, pop culture references (as in the above quoted “Flop Culture”), and some slower songs thrown in for variety.  Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine of that “other band” Thousand Foot Krutch have outdone themselves on this sophomore release.  McNevan has one of the best voices in Christian or mainstream rock, and his emotive voice coupled with this solid slab o’ rocking tunes combine for a delicious and mostly light-hearted treat.  I say mostly light hearted because in addition to the rocking hookfest, there is a standout ode to a friend that has gone to be with the Lord called “Tonight.”  Critically Ashamed celebrates life, love and faith in a fun-filled mix.  Recommended for fans of Relient K, Green Day, and Fountains of Wayne (as well as TFK…doh!).

Barry Nothstine hosts Soul Frequency Radio @ - a weekly freeform FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics, blues, and more—great rock for the ages!



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