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Deep Visions 
Artist: Floating Minds
Label: Urgence Disk Records
Length: 11/76:58

This disk can best be described by the title of its first track: "Ambient Work". Deep Visions is a programmer's dream: it is a series of computer loops, studio tricks, electronica, and noises that are created through synthesizers and computers.   With each of these tracks averaging between six and eight minutes, it tends to lose all but the most devoted fans of this genre very quickly.

"Ambient Work" is an underwater soundtrack, while "Extrem" and "One Day" are overlong musical montages that add little to the tracks surrounding them.   "The Saturnday" sounds like bird sounds mixed with old science fiction movie soundtracks.  In an era where anyone with some computer proficiency and a good editing program can produce these types of songs, it is difficult to muster much appreciation for this type of music.   It would be attractive for background music for listeners who must have white noise present at all times.

Brian A. Smith

3 April 2006



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