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Artist; Mike Florio 
Label: Independent Records
Length: 7/42:18 (EP)

A full length album disguised as an EP, Arisen is a flashback to seventies progressive rock, with a dash of early Petra thrown in for good measure.   Mike Florio has obviously studied at the feet of Kansas, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, and the solo work of Greg X. Volz.  

"Bells for 1827" could be Kansas material, except for the lack of a prominent guitar track.  "Binary World" (which is strongly reminiscent of Petra's "Computer Brains" lyrically) is another in the same mode.   "Pretending," a review of a life after it has ended, leans more toward Asia.  "Fractured" is a commentary of the newest generation of youth, who are seemingly without guidance. 

Arisen feels sort of cobbled together, as if the songs were written during different time periods.  Thus, there is little flow from one song to the next.  This is not to say that Florio is untalented.  He's a pretty fair keyboard player, and holds his own vocally.   This is an artist I'd give another listen to, assuming another disc is forthcoming.

Brian A. Smith
31 May 2006



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