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Artist: Floodgate (Sweden)
Length: 12 tracks  / 37:44

Floodgate is one solid pop rocking band from Sweden. Listening to More is like putting in the latest Audio Adrenaline in a lot of ways. Very excellent Christian pop music. Anthemic and singable. 

Floodgate uses some production tricks on opener "Save Me" that draw you into the album and to what's being said. Johann Glossner's Police-y guitar and Daniel Dahlquist's nervous vocals are a perfect fit for this personal look at our spiritual condition.

"More" starts out with a SoCal power punk vocal lyrically questioning our heart condition. "Is church a disease I was born with/where paying my tithe is the cure/Guess I'm missing the point/there's gotta be more." Layer upon layer set up a hectic vocal confusion that makes a good point.

Several songs rise to the service here. "Irresistible Love" and "A Broken Man" combine lyric and melody for a wonderfully beautiful experience. 

Floodgate's More is loaded with songs full of melody and charm that catch your attention.

Bob Felberg  3/5/2006



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