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Another Fiasco - If Never Was Enough
Artist: Another Fiasco   
Label: Indie
Length: 12 tracks
This is a new chapter for Fiasco, the band born in Athens, Ga in 2001. Featuring a versatile, flexible line-up of old members and musicians from several local bands, the new Another Fiasco is ready to take on the world with If Never Was Enough.  And the band handles rock, alt/country, southern funk, island and electronic sounds with equal ease.

Opener "Moonraker" along with "80 Pounds," "One on One," and "Fiji Blues" rock right from the get-go and all feature  excellent lead guitar work. The Jack Flash guitar figure and lyrics in "Difference in You" makes it stand out. Electronics and head Head-like vocals on David Byrne are ear catching.

 The beautiful  "Life Stands Still"  features the strong  acoustic piano skills of Damian Kapeala.. Featured way up front in a rather lackluster mix, it is his prowess that makes the production work. Overall the sound could be brighter and less muddy.  The anthemic  "Take a Number" ends it all properly with its "who-knows-what's-going-on-in-his-life"- lyrics and sing-along quality.

With close attention paid to vocals, lyrics and songwriting, Another Fiasco will be anything but.

Bob Felberg



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