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The Eye of the Eagle
Artist: Dave Bainbridge, David Fitzgerald with David Adam
Label: Open Sky Records
1 Disc DVD Set

I find the older I get, just short of 57, the more for lack of a better description, high church I am becoming. I find comfort in the idea of worship that reaches back through the ages to the early beginnings of the church. I also find that I have less and less tolerance for modern praise & worship music that makes me feel as if I am in a roller skating rink rather than in a house of worship. In 1998 when members of the Iona family of musicians released an album based on the writings of  Rev. David Adam's book entitled The Eye of the Eagle I knew there were great things to be heard. Just after the release of the album a concert presentation of the work was given at Norwich Cathedral. For this date Father Martin Shaw replaced Father Adam as the narrator for the evening. 

Fast forward almost eight years and word comes out that Open Sky Records will be releasing a DVD set of that historic evenings performance. Oh the joy, be still my beating heart. What is contained in this one disc package is not only the night's performance but also interviews with the three Davids concerning the creation and inspiration behind the work. The interviews are not only fascinating but also show the depth and intelligence of these three men, geniuses each in their own right.

The film of the concert is interspersed with commentary from each of the David's concerning parts of the concert and how and why it came to be. Overall this is really the only worship film that you need to own, all others pale in comparison. The participants in the evenings performance were: David Fitzgerald & Dave Bainbridge backed by Tim Oliver on keys,Shona McDonald, Claire Tomlin & Andrea Cockerton on voices, Scott Farrell on cathedral organ with the St. Edmunsbury Cathedral Boys Choir under the direction of James Thomas as well as Father Martin Shaw handling the narration. A job well done needs to be given to all involved in this presentation, it is an amazing work. For more information check out the Open Sky website at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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