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D.I.A.L. Business
Artist: Ed Englerth 
Label:  Blue Side Down
Length: 19/70:34

Ed Englerth is one of those artists who make me glad I write for this site.  Because if I didn't, odds are, I would never have heard of Englerth, or his music.   He's one of those guys who makes reviewers crazy, though, because we are driven to categorize the sound of the music.

That said, Englerth can be described as "folk jazz" or "Americana Blues" picture Bill Mallonee, Bruce Cockburn, and Randy Newman performing together, and you get a small inkling of the variety on D.I.A.L. Business.  Much like previous discs such as Pingo or Little Bit of Me Everywhere, Englerth delivers trademark blues guitar, and vocal stylings that would stand up next to Sonny Landreth or John Prine. 

"Wishing Well" is the standout, with an extended jazz jam session that closes the song.  "Lost on the Way to Morning" is another favorite, while "Angry" contains lyrics we all can identify with.   Englerth is one of the long list of independent/small label artists that deserves much more press than I can give him.

Brian A. Smith
30 December 2005



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