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Lying Awake
Artist: Ellery 
Label: Virt Records
Time: 39:58
Husband and wife Justin and Tasha Golden make beautiful music together.
This has to be the most poetic music I have heard in a long time. 
“Song for Lovers” really sums up a lot of relationship issues in one beautiful, sad song: 
 Nights like this were meant for lovers
 That’s how they begin
 Whisper soft like angel songs
 That drift in on the wind
 But it only takes a word
 To make you shudder in your soul
 And that’s all it took tonight
 To leave us both like steel and stone  
How many times have you wished you could take back that one wrong word at the right moment?
Tasha Golden's vocals are reminiscent of Leigh Nash. Like a soothing balm to a damaged soul, they make you want to float away as the world melts away behind you.
Justin Wright 09/19/2006



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