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Who Do I Have to Kill? 
Artist: Escape From Earth 
Label: Cupcake Records 
Length: 10 tracks / 34:15 min 

Since losing the nasally punk vocals and adopting a more Def Leppardesque style, Escape From Earth has been gaining altitude. Mike Prost’s drums are also in full effect for the band’s fourth album, Who Do I Have to Kill? Much of the album fits comfortably into the pop-construction, hard rock you hear on the radio. But this album has better production and subtle variety that sets it a notch above the rest. 

That variety isn’t always good. For example, the title track was rocking until it made a left-turn into a reggae verse with some boy-band harmonies at the end. Another downside is that the album clocks in at under 35 minutes, a bit skimpy for a full-length. Even Rush’s Permanent Waves is longer than that. 

But the band putts for birdie with “Kiss in a Cup.” Who can knock a rock song whose chorus begins with “Whoah!”? Again with the Def Leppard. Add minimalist guitars reminiscent of U2 and nice lyrics to boot: 

Whoah! I can’t be the one to fix you 
I wish I could but nobody’s that strong 
You know I tried 
Whoah! I can’t kill the pain within you. 
I’m getting off this trip you took me on 
Here’s a kiss in a cup, drink it when I’m gone.
Another highlight is the atmospheric, acoustic-guitar-driven “Yesterday,” with a feel as haunting as the lyrics, which stress the permanency of the choices we make. You don’t have to kill anyone, guys. You have arrived. 

Dan Singleton 
July 29, 2006 



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