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Second Baptist Church of Houston/Eleven Eleven Band
Hope Presbyterian Church of Memphis, TN with Bruce Carroll 
Fourth Avenue Church of Christ, Franklin,TN/ Hallal Worship  
Champions Centre of Tacoma, WA Recorded Live 
Eagle Heights Church of Oklahoma City, OK with Timothy Haynes
Brownsville Assembly of God of Pensacola, FL
Label: Spring Hill htt0p://www.springhillworship,com
Length: various from 10 to 17 songs 

Echoes Around the World is a new series of worship CDs being releases by Spring Hill.  This series of worship discs are from various churches throughout the country.   They try and do succeed in capturing the wide diversity of worship occurring every Sunday at these various churches. While this is an interesting idea, it will primary be of interest to the members of those churches also, any worship leader interested in what's happening at other churches will learn a lot from this series.

Shari Lloyd 


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