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Learning to Leave
Artist: Echo After
Label: Independent
Length: 6 tracks/ 26:34

With simple, consoling lyrics of hope and love and a strong and sturdy guitar-fronted rock sound, Echo After releases their new EP, Learning to Leave.  A mix of the lyricism of bands like Building 429 yet leaning more towards rockier, alternative artists such as Kutless musically, Echo’s EP includes six tracks, all of which feature accessible melodies that would fit comfortably in a Christian-rock radio rotation.
Echo After keeps it clean and consistent through each of the songs within the EP – they never strip nor slow things down too much, maintaining a singular style throughout each song.  No song is particularly weaker than any other, though a definite highlight is the EP’s title-track, a spirited rocker with a heartfelt message of letting go and forgiving oneself. 
Learning to Leave reveals a band with an open and passionate heart, and musically there are moments where their sound resembles the strengths found within their contemporaries – Kutless, Lifehouse, Building 429.  If you enjoy this genre of Christian rock, Echo After is worth keeping a tab on. 

Jonathan Avants 9/9/06


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