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Bob Dylan 1966-1978 After the Crash (DVD)
Producer: Chrome Dreams 
Time: Approximately 120 minutes
What intrigues me about critics is how much they see.  They see what I might miss.  Like prophets they highlight essentials.  They bring to light things hidden.  
A person as enigmatic as Bob Dylan can keep everyone guessing, but you get a wealth of insight from the group of music critics, friends and fellow musicians on this DVD.  Their articulate analysis and their thoughtful reflections are fascinating.  Itís enough to make a Dylan fan out of anyone.
This is the second film in Chrome Dreamsí Dylan DVD Anthology.  Itís an independent British production not authorized by Dylan.  The U.K. critics and narrator do an excellent job.  Most of those interviewed are from the U.S. and they have just as much to offer. 
The video is of the highest quality and includes snippets of Dylan performing at the Isle of Wight and with Johnny Cash.  It also includes the occasional odd interview or Dylan memorabilia.  A. J. Weberman, Dylanologist and Garbologist, used to comb Dylanís garbage looking for clues to the meaning of his lyrics.  A relationship developed that became adversarial.  It finally ended when Dylan gave Weberman a beating for scaring his family.  Though long at two hours, the details given in the interviews keep this film interesting.  We see the many facets of Dylanís life.
Perhaps best of all, we get a year-by-year review of Dylanís career and music from his motorcycle accident to 1979.  Every album that he made during the period is covered.  A substantial amount of time is devoted to the making of Blood on the Tracks and the Rolling Thunder Revue.  It ends with a brief mention of his conversion to Christianity. 
No Dylan fan should be without this beautiful production.  It leaves one wanting to see the first one in the series and looking forward to the next.
Michael Dalton
September 19, 2006



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