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Artist: DecembeRadio
Label: Slanted Records
Length: 10 tracks/ 44 minutes

DecembeRadio’s self-titled debut flaunts that which most modern Christian rock bands lack – genuine, pure musical muscle.  While they have their slowed-down and prettier moments, DecembeRadio pours in the swagger and fun that only a small handful of artists in this industry – The Elms, Casting Pearls, recent Starflyer 59 – are willing (or even capable?) of bringing in.  This is a no-brainer purchase for the Christian music fan starving for a heavier, musically solid rock and roll release within Christian music circles.
The best songs on DecembeRadio’s debut are strong in every aspect; lyrically cutting, musically thundering, accessibly familiar yet strong enough to stand on their own as exciting and impressive.  “Dangerous” and “Razor” are spectacular barnburners, filled with red-hot guitar licks and smashing drums that’ll remind you why you love rock and roll in the first place.   The lead single “Love Found Me” sacrifices some of the record’s heaviness but makes up for it with a ridiculously catchy chorus.  “Alright My Friend” introduces a little alternative rock into the mix, yet doesn’t feel out of place -  the slow-and-sweet or more contemplative songs are nearly or just as good as its heavier material, revealing an act that has both muscle and some stylistic flexibility.  
This is a great release.  It’s exciting, well produced, and balanced throughout its rocket-fast 44 minutes.  DecembeRadio is one of the better new bands to debut in the Christian industry this year.

Jonathan Avants 9/13/06



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