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Cut & Move
Artist: Day of Fire
Label: Essential Records
Time: 10 tracks/32:27 min
From a shattered home…looking for an open door…
Any way may be the way out…
A bleeding telephone…razorblade cuts on both arms
911 may be the way out…
Hey yeah… anybody hear now? Anyone at all?
Josh Brown and Day of Fire open up their new disc, Cut & Move, with a declaration that they are reaching out to the struggling youth of this generation.  The music is hard & hard-hitting right out of the gate.  Unlike on their eponymous first release, Day of Fire is now a full-fledged band.  Joining lead vocalist Brown are guitarists Greg Hionis, Joe Pangallo, bassist Chris Pangallo,  and drummer Zach Simms.

The lyrics on this disc take you on a journey through the pain (“Wake Me,” “Regret”) and truth-seeking (“Run,” “Hole in My Head”) of this, and every, generation of youth.  As they seek their path, Day of Fire pushes towards the spiritual truth that they have found (“When the Light,” “Reborn”), without being overly preachy.  Some may wish that the band was a spiritually forthright as their first disc, but I think the strength of the lyrics is in their consistency of theme.

Musically the disc is similar to the band’s first project, only more focused.  The band has a harder-edged groove that is consistent throughout the disc.  I think this tightening of the sound, possibly due to the band being more fully formed, removes some of the pleasant touches of the first disc.  There are fewer guitar tones and other musical flourishes on this disc.  However, the sound is strong throughout. The melodies just aren’ as consistently strong as on their previous effort.

A good sophomore album leaves Day of Fire at their own crossroads.  Will the next project feature stronger melodies & songs?  Will Day of Fire continue to grow & expand their sound now that they are a functional band?

I certainly hope so.

By Jonathan Nelson 7-23-06

Over a year ago many Christian rock fans heard Day of Fire for the first time when they released their self-titled debut album - they loved the sound of the music, but had no idea who the band was. As the band began to tour and become better known, fans soon learned that the band was more than a band - they were and still are a ministry. When asked about Day of Fire''s new project, Brown muses, "Cut and Move is about identifying with the pain and insecurity that we all feel, and finding hope in the love of God. We are all in a desperate and constant need of that love. It''s our intention to reach out to listeners about topics such as addiction, abuse, and abandonment." Day of Fire hits the road headlining the Reborn tour with Red, Fighting Instinct, Decyfer Down, and Common Roy, along with many festival appearances this summer.

Their newest release, Cut & Move, hit the shelves on June 6 and will no doubt leave fans wanting more, just as the first album did. This album has a variety of songs on it, which vary in sound and tempo. From hard rock to slow rock, this album has it all. The only objection that I have to this album was that certain songs did sound like older Day of Fire songs, but as I have said before and will say again, each band has a sound that they stick to. The only other objection that I had to this album was its length - at only ten tracks, it ends quicker than I had wished. Overall, however it is great. Songs such as "Cut & Move," "Frustrated," and "Wake Me," are all great songs which show Day of Fire's musical attributes, combining catchy guitar riffs with ratifying beats on the drums, and extraordinary vocals.

Timothy Gerst   8/13/2003



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