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End of Grey
Band: Decyfer Down
Label: SRE Recordings
Length: 10 tracks / 37:12

On stage Decyfer Down is an in your face rock band playing riffs that slash across provocative lyrics. Offstage led by singer / guitarist Caleb Oliver they are the kind of guys you would like to take home to meet grandma, thoughtful, sincere and Christ centered.

The band's album End of Grey from SRE Recordings makes those rap, hip hop and gangsta' artists sound like wimps. There ain't no homey out there making rhymes like these lines from "Walking Dead";

Pull the trigger now-end me
Mark me for the kill
Like I marked your hands your feet I spilled
All your blood flowing deeper
To suffocate the sin
Till I drown in you again"

The lyricist continues "I'll take the life you gave / I'll walk from the grave/"

The number two ("Life Again") and three ("Fight Like This") tracks sound like Guns N' Roses only with lyrics that won't make the saints blush. The songs feature spectacular guitar work by Chris Clonts and Brandon Mills backed up by Caleb Oliver on bass. Josh Oliver a former guitarist is heavy on the toms and bass drum. There is very little use of the hi-hats and crash cymbals which allows the rock riffs to shine through unblemished.

"Here to you" the seventh groove from this album is a hybrid rock ballad and worship tune. The prodigal tune "Never Lost" casts shadows across a life of running away but not being able to run too far to escape God's love. 

If you like nu metal or eighties heavy metal your blood will be pumping through your veins at an accelerated rate as you spin this disc. If you have friends that still think church music is all about choirs and Christmas cantatas then hand them your ear buds and give them a jolt. Once they are hooked on the music your friends will eventually listen to the lyrics. If they don't start asking about the message behind the words then engage them in a conversation about the real reason they are clutching your ipod. This is rock evangelism at its best! While you are discussing rock music segue into a conversation about another kind of rock, the real rock, Jesus Christ.

If you were a headbanger in the eighties don't tell your kids this is the way music used to sound just let them watch you groovin' to the music and think they have a cool mom or dad. 

Decyfer Down has a stellar career ahead of them and _End of Grey_ is leading them up the charts with the single "Life Again" occupying the number 28 spot on R&R's Christian Rock ratings for the week ending April 14th.

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

Joe Montague is an internationally published journalist / photographer. His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18. All copyright and distribution rights remain the property of Joe Montague. 


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