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Run From the Darkness
Artist: Daniel Band
Label: Retroactive Records
Time: 11 tracks/43:54 min

       Well, are you in a fix - Due to Satan’s tricks
        Well, are you goin’ down – To what’s goin’ ‘round
        Hang on tight now – Lean on the Savior
        And don’t give up now – He’s gonna make it better

These words are the opening salvo on Daniel Band’s third, heaviest album: Run From the Darkness.  Retroactive Records has re-released this classic with remastered sound, two bonus tracks (demos), and enhanced CD of the “Walk On the Water” video & making-of the video.

Daniel Band, based out of Canada, was one of the premier CCM bands of the late-'70’s/early '80’s that straddled the bridge between hard rock & heavy metal.  I hear more hard rock sound in them now – think the CCM equivalent of secular bands such as Loverboy, REO Speedwagon, & (most fittingly, I think) Foreigner.  CCM contemporaries include REZ band, Barnabas, & Petra.  They never achieved the success of many of those bands due to their Canadian roots, probably, although they retain a great deal of respect from lovers of 80’s-era CCM rock.

“Don’t Give Up” (quoted above) opens the album with a loud shot & much of the rest of the album continues in this strong vein.  Other strong tracks include “Walk On the Water,” “Sixteen,” & “Let’s Get Ready.”  There are some weaker tracks, also.  “Live Connections” and “Walls” sound dated.  The 2 bonus tracks are OK, but don’t add much to the album’s overall value, except to completists.

Lyrically, the album is strongly in the Christian market, with clear, evangelical lyrics, as read above.  Daniel Band leaves little room for misunderstanding.  Yet, those types of lyrics are sometimes lacking in artistry & come off a little clumsily.  Sonically, Retroactive has done a great job with the remastering.  The disc, and all of the players, sound like they could stand toe-to-toe with all of their contemporaries, both secular and CCM.  The musicianship and vocals are top-notch, and delivered in a confident, aggressive style.

Run From the Darkness is recommended for anyone that wants to hear the roots of CCM hard rock.  The disc is well-done in concept & execution, as are all aspects of a re-release.  Quality work like this deserves our support. Viva la 80’s!

By Jonathan Nelson



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