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Artist: Roger Daghir  
Label: Indie 
Length: 9 tracks/ 51:28

There are many things very engaging about the Sandcastles album by Roger Daghir. It is full of wonderful musical and lyrical ideas. It is clear that Roger Daghir has a clear vision of what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. Seated in a progressive setting, Daghir is shooting for sound full of the grandeur he feels for the Lord. Daghir has a very nice sense of melody and song structure. Mainly a keyboard work, there are dashes of Michael W. Smith, Kerry Livgren, Yes, and ELP. All good, right and true. Very accomplished. pull this all off, you have to have an ace studio and producer and here is where Sandcastles fall far short of the mark. Kerry Livgren, come and produce this album and it'll be unbelievable.

Bob Felberg



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