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Call This Abandonment
Artist: Chasing Victory
Label: Mono Vs. Stereo

The current crop of heavier influenced music is of a finer pop like screaming, raging version of a lighter side to hardcore music, and now as this managed to confuse the readership, ok.

Chasing Victory is:


  -Not Country

The first part of the CD is a little bit more delicate then the last part. It seems as though the CD comes out as a really tightly polished screamo/post-hardcore heavy handed influence on the first half. Then as the CD gets to be at a place later on, the music adds a little bit more of a metalcore flair. There has been comparisons to them being similar to Underoath and to contest, there is elements there, yet Chasing Victory has more of a heavier handed screamo influence then the above named band.

Biggest gripe of this CD is that it was received with a nasty, hard to conduct a Cd review copy controlled set-up, 99 tracks, twelve songs, very hard to flip back and forth between the FULL songs. Need not worry though, the version that is available to the general CD consuming public has only twelve tracks, twelve songs.

Len Nash  12/30/2005



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