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Anthology 1996-2005 CD/DVD
Artist: Ceili Rain 
Label: Indie (available on Amazon) 
Length CD- 15 tracks/ 

Ceili Rain is a wonderful blend of pop-rock music with a Celtic/Irish flavor and a Christian message.   Ceili Rain, pronounced Kay-lee and loosely translated in Gaelic as "heavenly party," was formed in 1995 by veteran songwriter Bob Halligan, Jr who writes all the music and lyrics.  Before Ceili Rain, Halligan wrote songs that were recorded by Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult, Michael Bolton, Cher, Kathy Mattea, and Joan Jett. The Ceili Rain lyrics are clever with catchy melodies (That's All the Lumber,"  "Long Black Cadillac.") This album is a "best of" drawn from the band's previously released four studio and one live albums. All the albums are good but the first one remains my personal favorite.  The songs all have an infectiously catch hooks.  I would have liked to see "666 Degrees" here too, but the songs which were selected well represent the four albums.   

There is also a DVD available which I had high hopes for but unfortunately, it cannot be viewed as a continuous performance. It plays a song and then goes back to the root menu. This makes viewing annoying, but the project values are high and include concert footage, TV-specials, previously unreleased songs, and 3 music videos. Since the band doesn't tour enough,  this may be your only chance to see the band live.    

If you haven't heard this band before, this makes a great starting point.

Shari Lloyd  3/29/2006


DVD - 

CD Tracks
From Say KAY-ee
1. That's All the Lumber
2. I Don't Need a Picture
3. Love Travels
4. You Then Me Then You Then Me
5. Long Black Cadillac

From Eraser on Pencils
6. Jigorous
7. God Done Good
8. Thanks
9. Long For You
10. Barely Stay Inside My Own Skin
11. Junkyard

From  No You, No Me
12. 100 Smiles An Hour
13. Everything Good is You

From Change in Your Pocket
14. Like a Train
15. Stomp 


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