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sacred dance
Artist: Keith Cooper
Label: Reel Loud Records
Length: 11 tracks @ 41:37

I listen to so much Christian music that I really appreciate it when something different comes along. Not just different for the sake of being different, but different from the ordinary, the same old same old. This is an extraordinary record.

Keith Cooper is such a guitar virtuoso that sometimes, as on “Bond of Perfection” and “Cloud Burst,” it sounds as though two people are playing guitar, ala Robert Johnson.

Keith has mastered a range of musical styles, including Spanish guitar, blues, and classical. There is a minimum of additional instruments, including bongos and violin. When he plays “Beautiful Savior,” I can imagine my late grandmother singing along to her favorite hymn.

While this is an instrumental record of largely original material, Keith sites a scriptural influence for every song. _sacred dance_ is going to be one of my favorite records of the year.

To gain an even greater appreciation for Keith and his music, you must see him perform live. I saw Keith for the second time when he played before a packed house at the Cup O Joy Coffeehouse ( in Green Bay on February 3rd.

Keith’s performance is jaw-dropping. He also does not require energy drinks. Because my mere words cannot do justice to his performance, I’ll share a few other observations from that evening.

Keith told the audience that when he was a youth, he was struck by a car while riding his bike. The back of his head smashed in the windshield. During his CAT scan, doctors noticed a dark spot on his hip. Eventually, Keith developed a tumor the size of a quarter on his right hand. Due to the necessity of the surgery and the intricacies of the human hand, Keith’s surgeon said that only five percent of all people regain the full use of their hand. Keith got a miracle.

Near the end of his show, Keith thanked all the behind-the-scenes people who help make his ministry possible; the light and stage crew, the sound person, his road manager, etc. I attend so many shows where this doesn’t happen that this humble act was refreshing.

Also, because his solo career and ministry is taking up more and more of his time, as of January 1st, Keith is no longer a member of Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. He has signed a three-record deal with his Reel Loud Records. Starting in March, he’ll begin recording a Christmas record. During his show, he played a piece inspired by the Nutcracker Suite. It’s going to be something to look forward to next winter.

Check out Keith’s website at There are some song samples available. You won’t regret it.

Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder produces the Christian music video program 30-CC and writes for the webzine



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