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Everything Leads to Erosion
Artist: A Cold Vein 
Label: Indie
Time: 50:27

A Cold Vein consists of singer/songwriter Jesse Sprinkle (Dead Poetic, Poor Old Lu), singer/screamer Ben Taft (November Grey, And So This Ends), guitarist Bill York (Morella's Forest, Rocket to Luna), drummer Matt Doty (Shelflyfe, And So This Ends) and bassist Doug Little (And So This Ends, Everything's Ruind). That's not fluff on the resume there. That's the recipe for some high quality music.

The vocals have a haunting air to them. The singing is full and solid. Then comes the screaming. Some bands bring in the screamer as some sort of bolt-on after market accessory, but here the screaming fills out the other side of the scale for a perfect balance.

With your decision burning through your soul, 
could this religion be your blindfold?
From “Remission”
Justin Wright  04/22/2006



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