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The Very Best of CLC Youth & Mass Choirs
Artist: CLC Youth & Mass Choirs
Label: Milan Entertainment
Length: 13 tracks/ 1:01 

Pulling together the best live performances from multiple decades, The Very Best of CLC Youth & Mass Choirs is heavy on the R&B and gospel styles, showcasing a beautiful cast of musical talent in many differing genres.

This is a perfect record for anyone who thoroughly enjoys church choirs and gospel music. All thirteen tracks are variable and well performed, a nice and balanced mix of sweet hymns and more danceable, soulful classics. Not much polish seems to have been applied to the production value of the sound, with certain tracks suffering a bit from recordings that arenít as clean as they should be. Still, the record has its charm in its variability. Listeners seeking a meaty choir/gospel recording will find much to like here.

Jonathan Avants 3/10/2006


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