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Life in 3 D
Artist: Charizma
Label: Talking Music  
Length: 12 tracks/42:55

Moving from the melodic metal Charizma played at the start of their careers, these Swedes were are now cranking out quality commercial music with a Christian message. Charizma has always seemed to have an innate sense for great hooks and haunting melodies and they continue on Life in 3D.This is driving power-pop every bit as good as the best anything you will hear on the radio anywhere.

Tips of the hat go to Toto, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. Don't read that as saying Charizma is not original.  This album is just loaded with melody and conviction, but lyrically it might be a little light. The most basic Christian truths can not be stated too often. They are much deeper and less simple than we know.

Bob Felberg  2/18/2006



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