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Long Night Moon
Artist: Catie Curtis
Accompanying Musicians: Kevin Barry, Mark Erelli and John Jennings (guitar), Mike Rivard (bass) and John Sands (drums) 
Label: Compass Records 7-4436-2 (2006)
12 tracks
Running Length: 40 minutes

Catie Curtis, with a light, whispery soprano voice, sings of long winter nights, rope swings and avalanches, Hurricane Katrina and having trouble-saying good-bye. On this CD is the Grand Prize winner of the International Songwriting Competition, which Catie Curtis and co-writer Mark Erelli won out of 15,000 entries from 82 countries. This song is “People Look Around” a commentary on governments and the devastation of a gigantic storm. If you aren’t familiar with Curtis’s music, you may have heard her songs on television programs including “Grey's Anatomy,” “Dawson’s Creek, “Felicity,” and “Alias.”

 The 12 tracks on Long Night Moon show a variety of subjects and arrangements. “Water and Stone” has Mary Chapin Carpenter singing back up with a wonderful accompaniment of zither and acoustic guitar. “Rope Swings and Avalanches” is about “…love is a gift and help yourself it’s a deeper well and we’re not drinkin' from it”

 The highlight song is “People Look Around” and tells us that “the truth is bigger than these drops of rain falling in the ocean.”  Catie Curtis sings clear and the lyrics come through with poignancy. “Innocent” has a wonderful cello and piano accompaniment that is rich and full and supports the singer. “Passing Through” is like a folk hymn telling us that “this whole world is our neighborhood we are only passing through” Mark Erelrelli joins Curtis with vocals.

“Hey California” sung with Erin McKeown is tongue-in-cheek to those who love warm weather, that the North Country has fun, too.  “remember warm weather, we get mind blown by spring” emphasizing the four-season country. “Hard Time with Good-Byes” lets us know that “we are all in this together” The last selection is Long Night Moon with piano accompaniment and full of longing. “I know you'll come when the magnolia is in bloom and I have a place for you under the long night moon”

Catie Curtis is a consummate lyricist and her voice expresses the folk song-like sentiments of the music. Listening to her sing is like watching a pendulum sway back and forth, to and fro. The accompaniment does not overwhelm the singer and all is in balance.  

Copyright 2006 Marie Asner
Submitted 8/20/06



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