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In the Company of Angels II (The World Will Sing)
Artist: Caedmon's Call
Label: Essential Records
Length: 11 tracks

Worship albums seem to be very popular so while I liked In the Company of Angels I, I admit I had my doubts about whether they could pull it off again. Even before listening, there were strikes against volume II; no Kemper Crabb songs and only one classic hymn, a song by Fanny Crosby, "Draw Me Nearer." All the songs were written by the band including some by the newest member of the band, Andrew Osenga, and there are no guarantees that freshly-minted worship music without the tempering of long time congretational singing is worth the bother. But I was wrong.  The musicianship, as always on this band's projects, is outstanding. The vocals are well-done and the songwriting is grounded very solidly in the Bible and true to the style Caedmon's Call does so well.  "Sing His Love," which is partially drawn from an ancient Chinese hymn, stands out as does "I Surrender All," and Fellowship so Deep."  All-in-all a very satisfying release.  I'm looking forward to part III.

Shari Lloyd



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