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Artist: Chris Berry & Panjea  
Label: Indie
Length: 12 tracks/45:37

Chris Berry's press will tell you about the Zimbabwean background. How he was raised there and is married to a Zimbabwean woman. How he is considered a gwenyambira (one whose music calls the spirits) and is one of the living masters of African drumming. That he has a voice like Sting and lyrical content reminiscent of Bob Marley. Very high praise, indeed.

Yes, this is world music. Mercy, how the horns snap. The guitars start your feet moving. When the percussion hits, it is a full blown dance fest. This eight man crew can throw down, no doubt. 

Although there is no direct reference to scripture, the songs are overflowing with love, justice, relationships,  reaching out and dealing with temptation. Some good common sense thoughts on capital punishment: "why do  we kill people, who will people, to show people, that killing people is wrong."

Over all it is a very listenable, uplifting album. Use of traditional African instruments adds flavor. Wonderful help from Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. The group has a full out touring schedule playing many of the jamband venues.
Bob Felberg 4/27/2006



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