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After the Morning
Artist: Cara Dillon
Instrumentalists: Sam Lakeman, Ben Nicholls, Simon Lea, Roy Dodds, Neil MacColl, Mairtin O’Connor and Cathal Hayden 
Additional Vocals: Mary Dillon and Paul Brady
Compass Records (2006) 7-4439-2
12 tracks
Running Time: 49 minutes

Cara Dillon from Dungiven, County, Derry, will be a new voice on the American Celtic circuit. Her album, _After The Morning_ shows a finely honed voice, sparkling lyrics and instrumentalists who follow her like they were one. This results in music that is open and aimed right at the listener. Dillon won the 2004 Irish Meteor Award for Best Female Singer. This CD certainly isn’t the last you will hear of her voice or songs.

Each song on this compilation tells a story and they range from love to good health. Standouts are “I Wish You Well” where the singer tells a former love “Yes, I’ve loved you well and I told you so wherever you decide to go.” There is a good instrumental/vocal mix on this song. For an example of instruments and vocals being one, “Here’s A Health” proves it. It is really a song of a toast given to friends and companions, “for we may and might never all meet here again.”

“October Winds” is about missing someone at this particular time of the year, “..the leaves have started turning, wind whispers through my door.” “Bold Jamie” tells quite a tale of Jamie who is captured and waits for his sentence to be pronounced. “The Snows They Melt The Soonest” tells of someone waiting for their love to return,  “I’ll wait here ‘til the Moorcock calls and the Martin takes the wind,  For the snows they melt the soonest when the winds begin to sing.” 

Cara Dillon’s songs here have a message of current love, past love, hoping for future love and all written in madrigal-style in contemporary music settings. Her phrasing is what makes the songs and she knows how to use her voice to best advantage in telling a tale. The arrangements are well done and musically complete. It won’t take long for Dillon to find fans here.

Copyright 2006 Marie Asner
Submitted 11/29/06



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