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Beyond Beautiful
Artist: Brother's Keeper
Label: Training Union Records / Ardent
Time: 10 tracks/ 37:51

Brother's Keeper is one of those groups that has been around for years but has slid under the radar of many fans.  These three men have been creating tight harmonies for over a decade and have finally released their third album, Beyond Beautiful.  This is a relief for fans who may have worried that the group had fallen off the face of the earth after not releasing anything for three years.  

_Beyond Beautiful_ bears their traditional harmonies and musically the guys haven't sounded better.  They are also helped by quite a few guest vocalists on "Walk With Me," one of the album's standout tracks, their anthem on Christian accountability and brotherhood.  

Unfortunately, lyrically, this is their weakest album yet.  Some of the lyrics are too cliched and cheesy.  This project contains songs with lyrics like "what soap can never wash away / the blood stained hands of a guilty man / only Your love can" and "When the rain comes pouring down /water falling all around / don't you know you are not alone / God takes care of His own/cause God takes care of His own/cause God takes care of His own." The impact of these lyrics is not helped by the fact that they come from the last two songs on the album so that is the taste that the listener is left with after the album ends.  Their first two albums show that the men of Brother's Keeper can write much better lyrics than the clichéd lyrics that are found on some of the songs on this project.

Beyond Beautiful shows how Brother's Keeper is one of the best at tight male harmonies.  Despite the weak lyrics at times this is still a highly enjoyable album.

Burton Wray 12/14/2005


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