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Railroads, Hoboes, and Cowboys
Artist: The Band of Brothers
Label: Illuminata Recordings
Time: 58:12

Crisp, clean, pure, America.

When I heard The Band of Brothers had a new CD out, I jumped at the chance to take a listen to it. Not only are these guys great musicians, but they are some of the greatest storytellers you'll ever hear.

The opening song “Clayton and Harlow” tells the story of two best friends who panhandle together and take care of each other. They really know how to boil it down to the real essence of things.

Some of those we call beggars - will have the best of it in the next world.
It's all in the disposition - how we carry our soul.
As we walk through life's trials - no matter if we're rich or poor.
Don't ask them for a nickel - when you can ask them for a dime.
Walk right up to 'em - Look 'em dead in the eye.
That's how you panhandle - that's how you get along.
In this great big world - in this little town.
Musically, the only thing fancy you'll get here is the picking. No special effects. No looping or sampling. Just pure picking and grinning.

Sit back and relax. Imagine yourself sitting on the porch with a glass of fresh lemonade or iced tea, surrounded by friends and family picking out the songs of life.

Justin Wright 04/22/2006



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