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Artist: Blissed
Label: KRR Records
Time: 12 tracks/44:44 min
So how do I make a change
A difference in the world that's surrounding me
I think it's in the moments
That are overlooked with passing innocence

It is what you do and why you do it
It's who you are without self through it
It's where you go and if you'll stand up to it
It's what you do, come on

Now that's a superhero, Now that's a superhero
We all can be a hero, Superhero

“Superhero” is a strong track that opens up the new Blissed CD, Corrosive.  The CD is full of lyrics like the ones above, that challenge the listeners to accept & follow Christ, and also call Christian’s to a life of service & dedication. Blissed is a hard rock band formed in New York (but they are now in Texas) in 2002 by members David Pearson (Vocals, Guitar), Jeff Miller (Guitar, Vocals), Nathan Kojak (Drums), & Geoff Breen (Bass, Vocals).  Corrosive is their second release.  The band plans to release HD videos & continue with their heavy touring schedule in support of this latest release.

The band is very reminiscent of the best of Christian hard rock.  They remind me of bands like Stryper, Disciple & Bride because of their quality music combined with up-front lyrics about their faith.  The music is very well played, with a preponderance of crunchy guitars & meaty hooks that will appeal to fans of both 80’s & 90’s-era rock bands.  The rhythm section plays well off of each other, supplying a strong foundation for the songs.

Pearson’s lead vocals are very reminiscent of Dale Thompson’s (Bride, solo) or the harder side of Thomas Keifer (Cinderella).  He has a gruff edge to his delivery that serves the songs well.  At the same time, he shows strength within a vocal range that is similar to Stryper’s Michael Sweet.

The recording of Corrosive is top notch.  The balance between the vocals and all instruments is perfect & the sound is crisp and tight. “Superhero” is a great opening song. Other highlights include “Monster” (which is reprised at the end of the disc), “Run” (which is a vocal tour-de-force for Pearson), and “Get Up” (which showcases the band’s strong, grungy instrumental work behind another good vocal performance by Pearson).

Blissed stands in the upper echelon of the Christian hard rock genre.  Anyone looking for an evangelical message with some serious rock-n-roll chops need look no farther.  Blissed is at the top of the heap.

By Jonathan Nelson  9/30/2006



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