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Artist: Blank
Label: Talking Music (Independent)/Retroactive Records 
Length: 10 Tracks/42.04 Minutes 
From now on I will
Enjoy every moment
Those of sorrow, hurt and pain
And those of peace, joy and comfort
‘Cause You know my days
You know my days
(from “Moments” by Blank) 
US labels take note…you may want to check out some of the cool modern pop-rock created outside of the good old U S of A.  Blank is a Swedish modern rock band ala’ Coldplay, U2, and The Violet Burning fans will enjoy.  I even hear some '60’s retro sounds via Beatles/Badfinger in the grooves.  The CD is well produced and is brimming with solid songs of faith amid hooks aplenty.  Heronomous features nice vocals by Joel Berggren, some killer retro/U2 guitar, and atmospheric keyboards.  The standout cut is “Moments,” a song of release and surrender pointed vertically.
Check out Blank:, buy the CD here:
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