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Two Shades of Blue
Artist: Lawrence Bishop II  
Label: LB Records 
Length: 12 tracks/46:47
Son of a preacher, Lawrence Bishop II choose a decidedly different way to represent God to the world. This man is a preachin' cowboy! A real life rodeo riding cowboy! Now-add to that one country blues rocking son from Ohio! 

Two Shades of Blue is just what all you Larry Howard, Charlie Daniels, Glen Kaiser, Skynrd/ABB lovin' fans have been missing. One listen to "Travelin' Preacher Man" and you will be SOLD. Lots of hot slide, twin leads, shoutin' vocals and relentless beat. Yup, the real thing. You have been found an honest to goodness Christian rock album with Two Shades!   A friendly and warm sound, none the less, even comfortable. This happens because Bishop's band is made up of "old hillbillies like himself." That "Outhouse Rock Sound" is achieved by the slide and lead guitar work of Greg Martin, Andy Ballou, and Tony Mullins. Bishop handled the bass guitar for the recording and drums by Allen Gentry and Mark Gray.

Themes of Christian growth, ministry, God's timing, and personal availability to God are house in this southern cooked sound. This one'll getcha moving! Two Shades of Blue is "Holler Fabulous!"
Bob Felberg 2/3/2006



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