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The Songbird
Artist: Bi-Level  
Label: Amp
Length: 6/21:08 (EP)

Pop punk meets metal on Bi-Level's The Songbird.  Seemingly a concept album in six quick songs, the band's name gives a little insight as to what to look for here: two types of music, seamlessly fused; and, music that will get you rocking, and then sneak up behind you with its lyrical content. 

"Oh Oh Oh" blends the traditional crunching guitar chords over loud drums a la Blink 182/Green Day, and ""Let It Out" is pop punk as well, but mixes in the occasional Van Halen guitar riff.   "The Calling" stands out with its harmonies, and does the best job of blending the two styles.  "Favorite Color" is a similar tune, somewhat in the vein of All-American Rejects, yet featuring a weird little U2-guitar line.   All in all, The Songbird does not disappoint.

Brian A. Smith
31 May 2006



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