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Artist: Bethany Dillon
Label: Sparrow Records
Time: 11 tracks/ 50:30

The past few years have been amazing times for Bethany Dillon. She released her debut album, participated in several major tours and was nominated for several Dove Awards, including New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.  She recently had one of her songs featured in the major motion picture Dreamer, which resulted in an appearance on CNN.  This summer saw her performing at the festival circuit and August saw the release of her sophomore album.  

The new album shows a more mature Dillon as her voice is more mature, her writing has matured and stylistically much of this project is more mature than her debut album.  The new maturity is evident from the very first song, "Dreamer" which has more of a light pop feel than the folk feel of her first album.  Matter of fact this was the track that was featured in the movie by the same name.  The album slows down with the worshipful "Hallelujah" where she sings 

 Hallelujah, hallelujah
 Whatever's in front of me
 Help me to sing hallelujah
 Hallelujah, hallelujah
 Whatever's in front of me
 I'll choose to sing hallelujah
This worshipful theme continues with "All I Can Do" another upbeat number which is about holding on to God and following where he leads.  The folksy sound that Ms. Dillon is best known for, shows through on "Airplane," a song about seeing God through the clouds on an airplane trip, as well as in more simple places or things, such as a baby talking.

Some of the other highlights on this album include "My Love Hasn't Grown Cold," the folksy "New," and "Vagabond."

Welcome to a more mature Bethany Dillion, who deserved your attention before and definitely deserves it now.  This is an artist who has grown a great deal in the last year and if this project is any indication, the sky is the limit for her. 

Burton Wray December 18, 2005



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