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Artist: Building 429  
Label: Word Records
Length: 11 tracks / 45:11
Building 429 steps up to the plate for a second time, and on this attempt, it’s fairly clear that they’ve pushed forward their style and achieved a more complete sound overall.  Improved production, a more consistent energy between songs, and stronger hooks all help to, yes, rise _Rise_ above the band’s debut.  
There are still a lot of ways Building 429 could improve.  Many recycled lyrical themes show up; songs like “Searching for a Savior” and “I Believe” are too generic in their themes of, well, searching for God and believing in the power of love to produce any lasting impact on the listener.  Musically, there are some very good moments contained in the album, especially “Home”, which bears simple yet effective piano accompaniment to the edgy guitars and spirited chorus line of “You’re not quite home/you’re not quite home,” possibly the band’s most powerful song to date.  Yet some other tracks suffer from a lack of imagination, where the band settles for a typical setup of crunchy guitars, grungy vocals and string accompaniment that just doesn’t stir much emotion in the listener for their overuse.  
Building 429 deserves praise so far in that they’ve improved themselves since their debut, but they still have not achieved a singular style or strong enough song writing to stand out in the crowd.  This is an average record, and while I can’t give it a recommendation because of that, I can say that the band is moving in the right direction and that I’m interested in hearing where they take their sound from here.
Jonathan Avants 7/23/2006



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