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From the Depths of Time
Artist: Avian
Label: Nightmare
Length: 13 tracks / 55:06 min

For a band headed by former Balance of Power frontman Lance King, I expected Avian to be a bit more progressive than what they have produced in From the Depths of Time.  Fortunately, their sheer metal chops make up for the lack of progitude.

Joining King are Jonah Weingarten (Infernal Method) on keyboards, Yan Leviathan on guitars, and David Ellefson (Megadeth) on bass, as well as guest musicians David Small on drums and Roger Moore, who contributes a number of top-notch guitar solos.

From the Depths of Time is a well-produced concept album, a lament on the moral decline of society and a warning of imminent judgment that could have been lifted from the minor prophets—except I don’t believe Amos wailed quite as hard on the electric guitar.

Among the album’s highlights are “Black Masquerade,” in which King reaches Geddy Lee pitches and handles them well, and “Final Frontier,” with its pounding bass grooves and sing-along chorus: 

 Why are we here, who will we be
 Struggling to see the Final Frontier
 Where do we go, who will we know
 Dying to see the Final Frontier
The most progressive offering is a lament, “Time and Space Part I: City of Peace,” which begins with a Dream-Theaterish intro, adds creepy keyboards for dissonance, and is anchored with an “Enter Sandman”-like chorus. 
 Time and space meet in the streets of broken dreams
 Where can the children play?  There’s no city of peace.
 Moon’s glow delivers hope all across this hallowed land.
 Where will the children go?  There’s not city of peace.
From the Depths of Time is straightforward textured, high-pitched, rip-your-face-off hair metal with solid musicianship all around.  Fans of the genre are in for a treat.

Dan Singleton
May 31, 2006



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