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When the War is Over
Artist: AutoDefe 
Label: Indie
Time: 6 tracks


AutoDefe is an out-of-the cookie pan type band. They have their heavy, their melodic, their rock, and their variety. If there was one genre to define AutoDefe, it would either be Post-Hardcore or Indie Rock. By defining this one band by a limited scope of a genre would really miss the whole idea and/or sound that this band progresses forward with. AutoDefe is really a band that is one of the more original out there today. 

Their music is highly based off of a rock scope. It is when the structure of their songs play out that the real definition of When the War is Over begins. Their songs are passionately heart filled anthems of their faith. It is really an art form. As AutoDefe's music progresses, builds, then maps out a course. 

When the War is Over starts with the foundation of the song. It then plays through until it meets a new breadth of dynamic. This dynamic applies itself to new visions of song structure. Take this for example, the song they start out with could last three minutes normally. They then press forward with their musical talents. This use of their musical talents could bring a song that has more of a build-up, a flow, a mood of sorts. This three minutes could turn into five or more. The reason is that the music has more of an intimate story like feel to it. To accent certain lyrical basis AutoDefe also uses other languages/meanings to add more emotion and flavor. It is like, "whoa, was that Latin?!". Even though this Cd is six tracks it has enough of a solid dynamic to suffice for a reason to get this CD.

Len Nash 2/3/2006



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