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We Have No White Flags (EP)
Artist: After the Sirens 
Label: Independent
Length: 8/31:40

After the Sirens is a Boston based band who seems to have difficulty is figuring out who or what they are We Have No White Flags mixes pop hooks with emo and occasional forays into hardcore.   Lyrically, there are references to God, ancient Greece, and Roman mythology.  

"Red Letter Ransom" is the best of the lot, using the same formulaic approach but leaving out the hardcore vocals that plague "Caesura" and the title track.   "Hemlock is the New Mistletoe" comes across as "what if Evanescence had been an emo band?" If this band decided to rock, and just sing, rather than whine/growl, they might be onto something.   Until then, there is nothing that elevates them above one hundred other bands doing exactly the same thing.

Brian A. Smith
20 March 2006



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