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As This Is Futuristic
Artist: The Apparitions 
Label: Machine Records
Released 2006

The dirty '70's glam/garage production caused me to sigh. "Hey, it's another band trying to recreate music that was done better thirty years ago."  Repeated listens made me realize that I'm an idiot and The Apparitions rock.  From the get-go the boogie and the hand-claps  get you dancing in the middle of the club while the three-guitar  
attack rings, sings and sears your ears, baby.   "She Burned Out Their Eyes" stands out as a mid-tempo rocker, "Motor Skills" is deliriously catchy, "God Monkey Robot" sticks in your cranium and  will not stop.  I certainly wasn't prepared for the dramatic intensity that finishes "You Chirp Just Like Little Sparrows."  My  pretentious "it's all too familiar" barriers crumbled at it's power.  A sexy blend of Sci-Fi pop imagery, wry humour & spirituality- exploring lyrics delivered in a lazy drawl comparable to Iggy & Bowie (and occasionally Elvis Costello) complete the musical equation.  Warning:  "As This Is Futuristic" contains pure unadulterated love of  all things rock & roll.  Prolonged exposure will infect you with the  same.

Ryan Ro /



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