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A Matter of Time
Artist: Amos
Label: Bombworks Records/Hikari Records
Length:  9 Tracks/46:41 Minutes 
Feel the power
Hear the loud cry of the saints
Lift your hands to Heaven
Mystic faith 
Progressive metal fans will find a lotta’ grooves to dig in A Matter of Time from Amos.  Amos is a melodic progressive metal band that hails from Brazil founded in 1994 with several previous CDs under their belt.  A Matter of Time is my first exposure to them, and it is a great first impression.  The album rocks heard, with a great guitar foundation, symphonic keyboards, and layered melodic vocals (provided by bassist Rodrigo Shimabukuro).  Fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Tourniquet will LOVE this CD.  
Musically A Matter of Time is full of attention-grabbing progressive metal twists and turns.  The production is solid with crisp guitar sounds and some nice drum/cymbal sounds brought out in the mix.
I should mention that while hailing from Brazil, A Matter of Time lyrics are in English.  Titles like “Entering into the Flames,” “Pentecost,” “Shadows of the Cross,” and “Ark of the Covenant” will give you a hint that this is melodic metal from a Christian perspective wrapped around with cool symbolic cover.
Check out the band online:
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