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A Round of Silence
Artist - Aaron Ferris 
Label - Independent Release
Length - 5 songs

Apparently in some quarters quiet is the new loud and in 2006 Aaron Ferris (ex smallfish guitarist and vocalist) has unplugged his trusty axe, put his strap up for sale and taken up his hollow wooden instrument and embraced this 'new loud' and to devastating effect.

Aaron, I'm sure will admit he's far from perfect, but it's in this imperfection that these become more than songs--they are heartfelt cries to his Saviour.  He has always been passionate, in fact, live it oozed from him, his heart for God was led bare for all to see and in _A Round of Silence_, his five track debut solo release, this is still the case. The CD kicks of with "Moth To a Flame" with some frantic acoustic strummings, which reinforce the longing for God in the midst of daily failing.

Standout track for me is "Hollow Wooden Instrument" with its comparisons of our lives to his newly taken up acoustic instrument and the fact that God will fill us as we present our own lives as hollow wooden instruments. In fact, every song on this E.P. grabs my heart, challenges my walk and turns my attention back to God, for me I would go as far as to say Aaron Ferris is God's messenger, a voice proclaiming the word of the Lord to this heart and many others. 

Another reviewer wondered how these songs would sound with a band and, indeed that would be interesting, but donít let that take away from the fact that this is a cd worthy of any CD collection.

Do yourself and your heart a favour invest £5 in this know you want to!! 
 Mark Reid



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