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Gifts of Friendship
Editor: Paul S Williams
Publisher: Standard Publishing 
Length : 181 pages

Since _Gifts of Friendship_ is a devotional containing twenty-nine readings, you might be tempted to finish it in a month. While each selection is easy to get through, I would not recommend getting in a hurry with this book. Each devotional deals with issues that will take more than a little while to deal with. After each reading, there are questions for you ask yourself that lead to application of the principles, rather than just reading. While some of the content is rather benign (being a better friend, being more faithful to church), some of it (bigotry, forgiveness, neglected relationships) gets a little sticky.

Take the opportunity to pick this book up. Take your time reading it, and then follow through with the application principles. It may take a little while longer to work through than your standard devotional book, but it will be time well spent.

Justin Wright


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