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Plague Maker
Author: Tim Downs
Publisher: West Bow Press 
Release : January 10, 2006
Length : 393 pages

In the post 9/11 world, terrorism novels are not hard to come by. Plague Maker remains interesting because is focuses on the characters in the story rather than just on the terror.

Nathan Baldwin is an angry, insomnia suffering FBI agent member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. When he starts working a homicide in an upscale art studio, he has no idea the far reaching repercussions caused by a bunch of fleas.

The next day he is contacted by an elderly man from England who begins to tell him a story of pain and revenge that began over sixty years ago.

As he is forced to work again with his ex-wife Macy, Nathan races to save America from a terror attack; all the while being forced to face the haunting affects of his own past.

Tim Downs writes a well-researched page turner of a book that employs great storytelling through the character Li. Not only is this a good read, but the story is full of wisdom that reaches beyond the scope of the story into life itself. 

An excerpt from the book sums it up. “Life is like a book, Mr Donovan; it has great themes to be reflected upon and deep meanings to be rooted out. But you Americans think it's all about plot; you always want to skip ahead to the end and see how it comes out, so you miss the richness; you miss all the subtleties.” You may be tempted to skip to the end of this book to see how it turns out. Don't. Although the end is as good as they come, you would miss out on the part that makes this more than a good book. It's a good story.

Justin Wright


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