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Summon's Christian Miscellany
Author: Parminder Summon 
Publisher: Doubleday 
Length : 151 pages

This book should be in every bathroom around the world. Not that it belongs in the toilet, but it's perfect toilet reading. Most of the subject matter can be absorbed in seconds, so there's no sense that you need to keep reading to get into what's happening.

The subject matter runs from serious history (origins of holidays and the prophecy concerning how many Popes there will be before Christ's return), to serious hilarity (patron saints of serial killers, and the Adulterer's Bible).

This book is great fun. Many times, Christians seem to take themselves to seriously. Take the time to laugh, and soak up some serious trivia. After finishing this book, you will be able to tell all your theology student friends, "Yeah, but I bet you didn't know..."

The only downside is no sort of index. There were times when I wanted to look something up, and had to reread half the book to find it. A small price to pay for the enjoyment rendered.

Justin Wright



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