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Gettin’ Old Still Ain’t For Wimps
Author: Karen O’Connor
Publisher Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402, 2006,
pp. 240
$11.99, pb.

Author Karen O’Connor, who has appeared on “The 700 Club,” now compiled a sequel to her best seller, Getting’ Old Ain’t For Wimps, which sold over 100,000 copies. In the second book, Getting’ Old Still Ain’t For Wimps, there are 84 stories concerning the aging process and adventures of aging. Each story ends with a Bible verse appropriate to the situation, and a short meditation on that experience. The colorful cover of the book would catch one’s eye right away. The book is divided into 17 sections including “On The Road,” “No Laughing Matter” “Missing Parts” and “A Little Compromising.” 

The titles of the stories are intriguing with “Front and Center,”  “Lookin’ Good,” “Melon Mania,” “Pistol-Packin’ Mama,” “No Fries Here” and “Music To My Ears.” “Front and Center” concerns a church organist who pays special attention to her legs, while “Melon Mania” is an experience with melon shopping and slippery hands. “No Fries Here” tells the laughable story of someone having one of those days where nothing goes right and “Music To My Ears” is something everyone can relate to, the same song everywhere you go. 

Though the title of the book implies it is for those past age 50, the stories are light-hearted and humorous with situations any age can relate to. Whether the experience happens to you or someone you are with, virtually nothing goes unnoticed. The aging process begins at birth and whether you like it or not, it will happen every second, every hour and every day. Make the most of it is what this collection of stories tells you. Enjoy the moment and remember that your Creator made you and is always with you even when choosing melons or going to a fast food restaurant. Life is made to enjoy and a sense of humor is essential.

Copyright 2006 Marie Asner
Submitted 8/21/06


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