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Strobe Light Generation
Author: Billy Lamont 
Publisher: Infinity Publishing 
Length : 162 pages

The final line of the poem Stobe Light is “Metaphysical visions of a paraplegic soul.” The relationship that Billy Lamont establishes between words is amazing. 

“Instead of killing me with the law/of your perfection/look at the Spirit of the situation.” Don't we all wish that we could do that more often? How much would our world change if we would all strive to live those words from the poem Spiritual Orphans?

>From short poems (three lines of six syllables each) to poems that run multiple pages, Strobe Light Generation is never boring, and very enlightening. Lamont exhibits a level of social consciousness and awareness that is generally lacking in Christianity today. Open up to the thoughts, ideas, and principles put forth in this book of poetry. He's not preachy. Just honest.

Also take the time to check out the spoken parts of the project at

Justin Wright



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