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Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour
Author: Marion Napoleon
Publisher: Robinson Omnimedia & Publishing 
240 Pages 

Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Marion Napoleon writes her own autobiography- her own life story as Natalie Simone in Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour.  Seeing the constant molestation of her siblings, Natalie ran away, hiding from all men only to be molested my her teacher, mentor and friend- a woman.  As you read, you will see Natalie’s life unfold and trail from a small ghetto to becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, to the CEO of her own extremely successful placement agency in California, to meeting her husband and surviving his affair and her own affair after their move back to Texas.  She became a successful real estate agent, only to succumb to a bed-ridden illness which slowed her life down to finally allow her to listen to God’s voice and heal by making peace with her past.  A quick, easy read as well as an inspiration to all who read Marion’s story.
By Amanda Walker  



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