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Something That Lasts 
Author: James David Jordan 
Publisher: Integrity 
Pages: 324
First a thought, then a desire, and finally an action that changes oneís life and loved ones forever. Itís a familiar story, but the consequences and reactions differ with each person, just as they do in this novel. We all make mistakes and wrong choices, but we forget how they impact those around us. 
In Something That Lasts, a Pastor and his family have to decide what to do after he commits adultery. Can they forgive him and go on with their lives, or will they be bitter and unforgiving, slowly destroying themselves and those around them? 
The tragic consequences shown in this story are something that we should all consider. However, the telling of it is a little disjointed. It jumps from the incident to many years later. Then it moves ahead fifteen years. There is an accident, but you donít hear about the outcome until much later in the story. The story lacks a smooth flow. 
The theme throughout is that God is always forgiving even when we donít think we deserve it. He is always waiting for us to return to Him no matter how long it takes. He allows circumstances to get our attention. How we respond is what makes the difference. 
The author effectively uses baseball as a way for the father and son to relate to each other and connect. The book has some good messages, but the writing could be better.
Sandy Dalton
June 23, 2006



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