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The Dirt Pack
Authors: Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco
Publisher : Revell
Release Date: June 2005

Back again are the authors of Dateable: Are you? Are They?, and once again Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco have put everything out in the open with this series of books, which covers not only dating, but also drugs, breaking up, and the infamous 3 letter word, sex. When most teens see the title of these books -The Dirt on... - they may think that it is going to be completely bashing the subject, but in fact it is the complete opposite. While the books do bash certain things such as premarital sex, drugs, and other temptations, it also offers positive insight to common teenage rituals such as dating and relationships.

The Dirt on Sex

Uh oh....It's that 3 letter word that no teen likes to hear unless with a group of friends. In this book in the 4 part series author Justin Lookadoo discusses many negative effects of premarital sex. The whole book, however, is not filled with why not to have sex, but also gives many reasons why teenagers feel like sex is okay and also presents a series of common myths about sex. Overall this book provides an entertaining and informative view on the practice of abstinence.

The Dirt on Dating

This book written by Hayley DiMarco is also non-bias as it provides both positive and negative thoughts about dating. Throughout the book you are able to tell that the author does approve of dating, but only if you stay within boundaries, which you MUST set right when you begin to date. The book also discusses how to date properly - not getting to attracted to the other, not letting hormones rage, not putting your boyfriend or girlfriend over everyone, especially God, and how to have a biblical relationship.

The Dirt on Breaking Up

This next book in the series is written by both authors and discusses the hurts of breaking up. Since both authors were once teenagers - one a male and one a female- they are able to clearly identify with the struggle that teens face during this obstacle in life. The book states what not to do when you break up such as beg for your partner to take you back or completely ditch your partner; in fact the book offers positive insight on how to deal with this situation.

The Dirt on Drugs

This next book in the series is once again written by one Justin Lookadoo. This book, similarly to The Dirt on Sex, explains why teens should not do drugs and why as a Christian you should stay away from drugs. This book is unlike others however, as it is broken into subject tabs, which target on popular drugs and explain specifics on each.

Overall this series should be read by all teens whether Christian or not, but especially by Christian teens as the books in this series will help teens realize how to live a prosperous teenage life by staying away from sex, drugs, and alcohol, but also enjoying the teenage years by dating properly.

Be sure to check out other books by Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco.
You can purchase this series at Revell Books

Timothy Gerst


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