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Frequently Avoided Questions- An Uncensored Dialogue on Faith
Author: Chuck Smith Jr. & Matt Whitlock
Publisher: Baker Books
URL: n/a
Publication Date: 2005
Subject: Christian Living
Pages: 252
The authors come from different generations.  Chuck Smith Jr. is in his 50’s and Matt Whitlock is in his 20’s.  Both have many outlooks on what Christianity is, what it’s become, and what the future has in store for Christianity.  They have penned out what Christianity has become, and ask the questions that really matter about the Christian faith.  The questions may stir the hornet’s nest in the way of the “Old School” beliefs, but as Matt points out- “New School” believers aren’t satisfied with “cookie-cutter” answers.  This new generation or believers search for what a true Christian is--people who love Jesus, love people regardless of how they believe or what they do, and in the long run, they let Jesus’ love change the world through their actions.  _Frequently Avoided Questions_ is a book that every person should read- regardless if they believe in Jesus or not.  The authors are unprejudiced, and very loving towards the reader and people in and out of the culture of this world.  After reading this book, you will feel as if you know the author’s hearts.  A very good book for the person who has unanswered religious questions.
Amanda D. Walker  



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